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      Porphyry Pavers/ Cobblestone, and Wall Veneer








GftK is the finest joint mortar product for Porphyry and other natural stone, concrete pavers and brick - especially in high-traffic areas. See our information page.


Frequently referred to as cobblestone, Porphyry is granite pavers with a history dating back to (still existing) Roman Roads. We are purveyors of the highest quality Porphyry stone available in the United States, imported by Milestone Imports from premier quarries in Mexico and Argentina. Since 1996, Milestone Imports has built a system of supply, delivery and service that ensures high quality, reliability, consistency and satisfaction to our clients.

Our Porphyry is expertly graded for maximum ease of installation. The pavers have a course surface that is easy to walk on, yet slip-resistant, meeting modern ADA standards. More>

At Avants Stone we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of the stone, its varieties of use, and installation techniques. We serve the professional community as well as the homeowner. More>


Were cobblestones brought over as ballast? > People have pondered the origin of Nantucket's cobblestones for years. Eighty years ago, sentiment saved the cobblestones. Today, common sense has brought them back. Article>

Landscape Contractor National >
Based on the historic Chartres Labyrinth outside Paris, an expert mason, a sacred space garden designer and a stone importer collaborate creating a hardscape for the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, Santa Fe NM. Article>


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