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Based on the historic Chartres Labyrinth outside Paris, an expert mason, a sacred space garden designer and a stone importer collaborate creating a hardscape for the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM

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Avants Stone is a division of AvantGardens, Inc. We are dedicated to providing the finest quality porphyry for commercial and residential applications. We also offer services in hardscape design, consultation, and expert porphyry installation. Since 1999, owner Kevin Avants has directed a crew of experienced and highly skilled landscapers, craftsmen, and masons. Design and installation projects have ranged from the commercial and public – including Snowmass Ski Resort (Snowmass, CO); Santa Fe Horse Park and Polo Grounds, the Thornburg Campus, and the Saint Francis of Assisi Cathedral Labyrinth (Santa Fe, NM) – to the more intimate-scale residential drives, paths, and walls.


Kevin Avants

  With a degree in Horticulture/Agronomy and studies in Architecture, Kevin Avants founded Avants Gardening & Design in 1988 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1999, after re-naming the business AvantGardens, Inc., he shifted his focus from garden design, estate maintenance, and greenhouse production to landscape design, land restoration, hardscaping and stonework.  



"While travels abroad in Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, and Mexico reinforced my understanding of the historical significance of porphyry, my hands-on relationship with the stone began with restoration of roads and pathways. Porphyry quickly became my preference when replacing deteriorating asphalt, concrete, brick, and less durable stones.” – Kevin Avants


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