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- The Porphyry Manual 21MB
Completely explanations regarding the technical and physical properties of Porphyry, production methods and usage, photos of jobs made in Mexico, Europe and the US, with the aim of fully appreciating this natural stone.


- Copper Mountain

- Storm Gray

- Patagonia Sierra Porphyry

- GftK joint mortar


- Sand set pavers over concrete base

- Full filtration over aggregate subbase

- Sand set pavers over aggregate subbase with no filtration

- Sand set pavers over aggregate subbase with partial filtration


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GftK is the finest and most cost effective joint mortar
June 2013 - GftK-mortar

This is the home site in English for GftK Germany. A pioneer in the development of innovative epoxy resin-based mortar systems (EP-mortar). Direct any questions or comments to Kevin Avants.

This is the site of the GftK distributor in Great Britain. GftK has had incredible success there. It can be set in the rain with temperatures as low as 35 degrees and driven on in a matter of days.

Excavating Cobblestones: Obsolescence and the Reinterpretation of Stones
Mark Treskon, Jan 2012

"The roads of a country are accurate and certain tests of the degree of its civilization. Their construction is one of the first indications of the emergence of a people from the savage state; and their improvement keeps pace with the advances of the nation in numbers, wealth, industry, and science – all of which it is at once an element and an evidence. (W. M. Gillespie, 1848, p. 15)".
While we interact with roads every day, that interaction generally takes place on a subliminal level. – Article(pdf)>

Cutting Edge Residential Porphyry Project
Roger Murphy, Aug 2011

A residential project featuring a stylistically advanced porphyry paver design that combines features of patio, garden, walkway and art.  The design and installation is by Kevin Avants. This space, in the rear of the home has multiple levels for living and entertaining and the context of the courtyard area has some Legorreta+Legorreta overtones. – More>

Were cobblestones brought over as ballast?
Part of the debate on paving over (Nantucket's) Main Street.

http://www.nha.org/history/faq/cobblestones.html | (image above center)

Asphalt vs Sentiment - Today, one would have to be, well you know, stoned to suggest paving over cobblestones in a town that just last year passed a bylaw limiting the paving of public dirt roads. Yet back in the summer of 1919, automobiles were changing everything, as cobbled streets throughout town and as far out as Cliff Road to West Chester were being resurfaced with asphalt. – Article(pdf)>

Challenging Porphyry Installation on a Steep Driveway in Arizona
Miles Chaffee, Apr 2011

Santa Fe landscape designer and porphyry installer Kevin Avants of Avant Gardens was asked to be involved as a design consultant for a uniquely difficult Porphyry driveway project in Arizona. The General Contractor was renovating a worn-out old gravel driveway with porphyry. The site, located on the top of a mountain, had the challenge of a very steep entrance and exit driveways and was proving incredibly difficult to design for. – More>

Landscape Contractor National article
Alex Leeson, Aug 2004

Based on the historic Chartres Labyrinth outside Paris, an expert mason, a sacred space garden designer and a stone importer collaborate creating a hardscape for the St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM. Article(pdf)>


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